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Commonly asked questions for FAMILIES

How do I apply?

  • Fill out our Family Application Form and pay registration fee.
  • We will look for a girl to match your requirements and send you a profile and photo of her.
  • We will send your profile directly to the girl so she knows what to expect .
  • Please note although we have applications from girls we do not always have enough to help all families.
  • Please accept our apologies if we are unable to find a girl for you.
  • Contact us for more information and/or obtain the Genki Families contract for families.
  • If you contact us and are looking for one yourself also please inform us. Please also let us know ASAP if you find your own au pair.

How long does it take till we get an au pair and demi pair?

We will do our best to meet your requests however no promise a girl will arrive for the date you request. Some girls can be placed quickly, others may take 1-2 months. Please do not assume we have a girl ready and waiting for you! If you are able to take a girl at short notice please also let us know.

Can I choose and interview the au pair and demi pair?

No, the coordinator does the match based on the requirements of the au pair matching your application. You may have some say in the selection in certain circumstances or where there is a specific requirement.

It is not normal to meet the au pair for an interview first but not completely out of the question.

Au pair Training Session-what's involved?

All of our genki girls have a full training session either upon arrival or in the first 2 weeks of their stay. This includes- receiving a welcome pack and discussing family expectations, cultural differences, schedules and we also cover a range of cleaning duties. All girls and boys must attend this. Our training session and manual is both in English and Japanese.

Au pair and demi pair expectations

All of our genki girls are full screened,interviewed and met with face to face (where possible) before they are placed with a family. Please understand they may or may not come with childcare experience but all are willing to give it a good go. We do try to place girls who are going to be au pairs with some some childcare experience. A reminder these girls are not professional nannies or cleaners. Please do up a realistic schedule for them and check regularly they are ok with it.

How do we pay au pairs?

Payment to au pairs can be arranged between the girl and families-most girls prefer payment weekly cash in hand or deposited in their Bank accounts.An invoice from Genki families for our service will be sent out within 2 weeks of placement and should be paid immediately.

Holidays and free time

Au pairs and demi pairs are entitled to holidays and public holidays. See below. They are also entitled to free time during their schedule. They may wish to do whatever they wish during their free time, spend time in their room, go out,meet friends etc.

What happens if we are not happy with our au pair?

We will try to resolve the issue first. This is often due to miscommunication or not receiving a detailed schedule. Please understand our girls are here on a cultural and language exchange. Their level of English may vary so please be patient and treat them with respect. It is normal for girls to take 2-4 weeks to settle into a family home. Both the au pair and the family must allow for at least 2 weeks notice and transition time if the contract is to be dissolved. In emergency situations we will move au pairs immediately.

Why do you only supply Japanese girls?

In our experience Japanese girls make wonderful au pairs and demi pairs. They are humble, polite and hard workers. They are also naturally very good with children. They are often between the ages of 25-30 years and therefore not that interested in having a full social life rather a cultural experience and to improve their English. This being said, we are currently interviewing girls from South Korea, Taiwan and other countries.


Communication is the key to a successful placement for both the au pair and family. Girls must communicate with their families before before they contact us and speak directly to their host mother or father if they have an issues. Families must check regularly their au pairs are happy.


Why should I choose to be a au pair and demi pair ?

  • Save money on accommodation and living costs.
  • Live with an English speaking Australian family to learn the language quickly.
  • Experience Australian culture and lifestyle.
  • Working with a family provides a comfortable and safe working environment.
  • Meet new people, make new friends and enjoy a new city!

What are the duties of an au pair and demi pair ?

An au pair and demi pair works as an assistant to the mother in all aspects of running the home and will be asked to do and be responsible for any of the following tasks:

  • Preparation of meals / clearing up after meals.
  • Clean kitchen.
  • Laundry , dusting, vacuuming.
  • Mopping floors, clean bathroom & toilet.
  • General household cleaning for the family and children.
  • Babysitting, bathing the children, playing with them and their general supervision.
  • Cooking (if capable to do so) Driving children to and from school (if you hold a valid driver's license).
  • Please use the time before travelling to Perth to gain experience in the work you will be expected to do.

Do I need prior experience in childcare?

An au pair and demi pair is not a qualified nanny or child care worker.She works in the capacity of a helping hand, an assistant to the Mother sharing the duties of housework and childminding as required by the Host mother or father. The Applicant is required to list her experience of childminding and association with children and supply references from the parents of any children she has taken care of.

Is there anything else I need?

  • You should have a reasonable level of English, enough to communicate adequately with your host family (Conversational/Pre intermediate).
  • You should supply a police clearance certificate from your own country.
  • For some families, it is desirable that you have an international drivers licence.
  • You should gain recognised first aid certificate from your country if available.
  • Register with Working with Children (WWC).

Can I choose the family?

No, the coordinator does the match based on the requirements of the family matching your application. You may have some say in the selection in certain circumstances or where there is a specific requirement.

How long do I have to stay with a family?

You should be prepared to accept a demi pair Placement for the length of your student or Working holidays visa, an au pair will have a preferred 6 month contract. Our minimum contract stay is usually 3 months. Should you want to stay any longer please inform us and your family.

Are we allowed holidays and public holidays?

Yes. Please give your family at least 2 weeks notice of any holidays you intend to do. You are entitled to a public holiday but do check with your family first if they need you for any part of the day.

Is it safe?

Yes, all placements are carefully monitored. Participating host families are well-informed and always welcome International students. You live as a member of the family and the host make every effort to take care of your well-being; you will not feel like a hired-worker.

Do I receive free wi-fi/internet access?


Can I change families? Or leave the family?

Only with the permission of the Coordinator. Please communicate with the Genki Families office regarding any plans or changes you may have.

Do I earn money as a Demi au pair?

No, you exchange 18 hours of duties for full board accommodation. Any additional hours the family require you will be paid A$12 per hour. You may take on a part-time job.

Can I earn more money as an au pair?

The average au pair works 30 hours a week however if you feel you are working more hours or would like to work more hours let your family know. Au pair rates can be negotiated where necessary.

Can I work elsewhere and earn money?

Yes so long as it does not conflict with the hours your family need you to work.